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Top Reasons to Keep That Regular Dental Visit

With upwards of 10 percent of Americans suffering from odontophobia, or fear of the dentist, getting patients into the dental chair can be like, well, pulling teeth. But for every excuse there is about why a dental-phobic person can’t go to the dentist, there are many, much more valid reasons they should. If you’re thinking about backing out of your next exam, remember these important facts about why going to your regular exam is so important.

Your Teeth Get Cleaner

Even the most diligent brusher isn’t going to get all the plaque buildup off their teeth that a dental instrument can - and let’s face it, if you are the most diligent tooth-cleaner, you probably don’t have much of a reason to avoid the dentist. The great news is, once you leave the dentist, your teeth will look and feel much cleaner and your smile (be it from relief or otherwise) will be that much brighter.

Your Dentist Could Spot a Problem

Yes, finding cavities is what we all fear when we step into the dental clinic, but if they’re already there, it’s better to tackle dental cavities sooner than later, before they have a chance to get worse. Sure, you may have a cavity, but soon that minor surface cavity could become a root canal or extraction! The same goes for oral cancer, periodontal disease and orthodontics - your dentist can’t fix a problem or treat an emerging problem if he doesn’t see it.

If You're Already Paying for Coverage - Use It!

If you have dental coverage as part of your insurance, you are already paying for a dental exam you aren’t using. If you have multiple cleanings per year, you are essentially paying twice. Furthermore, the longer you put off going in a calendar year, the fewer visits you may be able to use in that year, so even if you want to use both exams eventually, delaying the first may make it impossible to get the second if your insurance makes you wait six months between exams.

Don’t be afraid of the dentist. Dr. Abelar is here to help and has options available to help you feel more at ease during your exam. To learn more about these options and to schedule your exam (and keep the appointment!), please call 858-256-4088.

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